PK Grills | PK 360 Launch Website

First made in Tyler, Texas in the early 1950s, and later moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in the 1960s, Portable Kitchen (PK) Grills have earned a well-deserved reputation as the best and most durable grill and smoker on the market. Handed down from generation to generation, the original mid-century design has remained almost exactly the same since the very first cast aluminum capsule came out of the foundry. As passionate cooks and outdoor chefs, members of the Cranford Co. team have used and loved this local product for decades. When PK introduced the first new grill design in over forty years, they came to Cranford Co. to help launch this revolutionary new product with a microsite and series of videos featured on the website and in social media. Sales have been brisk with the first batch rapidly selling out, shipping just in time for Christmas.

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